Grant County DUI Prosecutor: Chad Jenks

According to one source, the prosecutor in a recent high profile DUI case in Grant County was Chad Jenks.

Chad Jenks is a very effective prosecutor. His calm, patient, and reserved style can fool some defendants, and even some very skilled criminal defense lawyers, into thinking he is not effective at trial. But when Chad Jenks gets into trial he is always methodically prepared, and presents his case with such calm and reserved confidence that jurors naturally respond by listening intently. You will never hear him talk about it, but he has an impressive list of trial wins in very difficult cases against very skilled defense lawyers.

Chad Jenks, unlike most attorneys in Moses Lake, is from the area and has extensive family ties to the community. He was expertly trained in prosecution by the prior administration. There is no doubt that Jenks will be a Grant County judicial officer within the next ten years.