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Joseph Gibson, by and through the Angus Lee Law Firm, has filed a motion in federal court asking for a finding that a lawsuit against him was frivolous, and for an order requiring Plaintiff Joseph Robinson to pay Gibson's attorney fees and costs. The lawsuit filed against Gibson was dismissed by the court last week.

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A federal court in Tacoma has fully dismissed a civil rights lawsuit filed against Joey Gibson, founder of Patriot Prayer. When the suit was filed, it received media coverage from many sources, including OPB and The Guardian.

Civil Rights Lawsuit Filed Against Joey Gibson And Washington Police Officers, OPB, November 5, 2019.

Far-right leader and Washington officers face civil rights lawsuit over violent incident,, November 5, 2019

Civil Rights Suit Filed Against Far-Right Group Patriot Prayer & Washington State Police Officers,, November 6, 2019.


Washington State’s newly imposed “Religious and Faith Based Organization Guidance” once again unconstitutionally regulates attendance at religious services in Washington. The regulation unconstitutionally imposes greater restrictions on those religious sects and individuals who oppose receiving the ‘vaccine’ based upon the longstanding and well recognized religious belief that abortion and the use of its derivatives in vaccine development and production is evil and impermissible. Governor Inslee’s new edicts, therefore, constitute a direct and open violation of the Establishment Clause and Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Pursuant to Governor Inslee’s new regulations, religious organizations who are unwilling to utilize vaccines developed with,...


"Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State or Territory or the District of Columbia, subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen of the United States or other person within the jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress, except that in any action brought against a judicial officer for an act or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity, injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a declaratory decree was violated or declaratory relief was unavailable. For the purposes of this section, any Act of Congress applicable exclusively to the District of Columbia shall be considered to be a statute of the District of Columbia."


"And when her husband heard it bleating, he said: Take heed, lest perhaps it be stolen: restore ye it to its owners, for it is not lawful for us either to eat or to touch any thing that cometh by theft."


Amendment 1 Religious and political freedom.

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


Angus Lee was recently a guest on the Lars Larson podcast to talk about district attorney Mike Schmidt and his involvement in selective prosecution as it pertains to the anti-riot statute.

In the interview, we highlight a specific event that occurred at a known Antifa bar, where Joey Gibson and Russel Schultz were prosecuted according to Oregon's anti-riot statute. While video evidence shows they didn't break any laws and did not engage violently, they are being prosecuted because their political and religious beliefs did not align with those prosecuting them.

This selective prosecution is unjust and goes against their first and fourteenth amendment rights under the United States Constitution. Angus Lee is pursuing a selective prosecution motion in state court to hold those who charged Schmidt and Gibson accountable.

Listen to the Lars Larson podcast to hear more about the complaint we have filed against this unjust prosecution (interview starts 36:30).


In our interview with Lars Larson, we spoke about district attorney Mike Schmidt and how his political beliefs have influenced his prosecution decisions.

Mike Schmidt issued a formal written policy in which he openly allowed criminal activity by his political allies in support of a political agenda. In the same breath, he has been prosecuting those who do not have the same political viewpoints.

We've scoured the case law in all the federal circuits in the US, and have found no DA who has ever issued a formal written policy in which political beliefs are so deeply ingrained.

Politics have nothing to do with prosecution. Mike Schmidt's pro-crime policies for those who share his political belief go against the norms that we've seen in past prosecutors.

We've brought a case to federal court and requested documents that show how this formal non-prosecution policy was created, and aim to restore justice and hold Mike Schmidt accountable for his unjust political prosecutions.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about this case.



Attorney D. Angus Lee appears on the Lars Larson radio show to provide legal analysis on a new ruling from the Washington State Supreme Court regarding Washington State’s drug possession law. Interview starts with 33:23 remaining.


In this interview, Angus Lee addresses the Freedom Rally held in Mossyrock, Washington, and talks about the recent unconstitutional restrictions on small business owners, churches, and Washington State residents.

These restrictions are hurting families, taking away the ability to practice religion in public spaces, and ignoring basic constitutional rights.

As free citizens, we have the right to stand up together against violations of our constitutional rights. We recently filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Mr. Gibson against the government. Mr. Gibson's right to practice religion in a public space has been infringed upon, and our lawsuit is aimed to restore that right.

Watch the interview to learn more about the recent events happening in Washington State, and how our law firm fights for our clients' individual freedoms.


The Angus Lee Law Firm recently filed a lawsuit against the Washington State Patrol for the closure of freeways to aid protestors during the BLM march on Friday, June 19th.

This act was in violation of his own "Stay Home, Stay Healthy" orders that were made to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Emails obtained by a public disclosure request show that Inslee had clear intent to secretly subvert his own COVID restrictions and to facilitate a massive BLM gathering during the peak of the COVID lockdown restrictions.

We believe that no matter how noble the cause of any gathering may be, it is simply not up to the WSP to recklessly put the public health of the community at risk by actively facilitating a mass gathering in violation of State law.

Read The Post Millenial's recent coverage of this lawsuit to learn more and see the emails in question.



On June 19th, 2020, Washington State Patrol and Department of Transportation closed a portion of Interstate 5 so that a Black Lives Matter protest could march on the freeway.

The protest was made up of hundreds of people, an ideal place for the spread of COVID-19. No matter how noble the cause, this protest did not abide by the rules laid out by Gov. Jay Inslee's proclamation to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Prior to the gathering, WSP circulated a 15-page action plan entitled “Interstate 5 Protest Closure Action Plan.’’ By helping facilitate this mass gathering, WSP went against Gov. Jay Inslee’s emergency proclamation and state law.

We believe that no matter how noble the cause of any gathering may be, it is simply not up to the WSP to recklessly put the public health of the community at risk by actively facilitating a mass gathering in violation of State law.

Learn more about the case by watching this video:


The Angus Lee Law firm was proud to represent Kelly C. Carroll, a small business owner in Battle Ground, Washington. Kelly owns a Vancouver-based pet grooming business, ThePetBiz, which she opened just five days before Governor Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order on March 23.

Carroll's business was legally allowed to operate under the stay-at-home order, as she provided services such as pet daycare for essential workers.

Even though she was practicing her constitutional rights, and operating her business legally, Vancouver City Prosecutor Kevin McClure filed a criminal charge against her for allegedly violating an emergency order proclamation.

This was a gross display of political persecution. Ms. Carroll was entitled to run her business under the policy guidelines, but was targeted for prosecution because she organized a protest against lockdown orders.

After the Angus Lee Law Firm filed multiple motions to have the prosecutions case dismissed, the case was dismissed by the court.

D. Angus Lee is a civil rights lawyer and defender of...

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As reported by the Associated Press, Ms. Kelly Carroll is being criminally prosecuted for an alleged violation of Washington Governor Inslee’s Stay Home Proclamation. The Angus Lee Law Firm has filed a motion to dismiss the criminal charges. Ms. Carroll has been singled out for prosecution on the basis of the exercise of her First Amendment right to protest the government in opposition to the Governor’s COVID Proclamation. The equal protection component of the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment prohibits prosecution based on one’s speech or political views.

The full motion is available for download below.


Our criminal defense attorneys are committed to defending our client's civil rights. A current case of ours that's received media attention is that of Jabo Johnigan, a 27-year old software engineer in Vancouver, Washington.

Johnigan was arrested on March 13, 2019, following an illegal home search, during which Vancouver officers Christopher Bohatch and Scotland Hammond came into Johnigan's house without a warrant, and failed to read Johnigan his Miranda rights.

They barged into his home without a warrant or any other lawful authority, searched his home, seized him, and interrogated him.

The case was dismissed due to a lack of evidence, but neither of the officers were held accountable by their police agency for their violation of Johnigan's civil rights.

Our law firm is committed to presenting the best defense of Johnigan’s civil rights, and are seeking an award of financial compensation for Mr. Johnigan.

Learn more about the case at these news outlets:



On April 28th, 50-year old William Abe was shot and killed by three Vancouver police officers. This fatal shooting has received a large amount of attention after video of the shooting appeared online, and last week a coalition of groups demanded oversight into the investigation of this shooting.

As detailed in The Columbian's recent news story, Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik is asking for an outside prosecuting attorney's office to look into the shooting. As he said, “We need to be introspective and listen to the public right now. I support the call for an outside prosecutor,”... “It would be an important step to take for these cases to ensure everyone has complete confidence in the process.”

Our office received a copy of Deputy Neiman’s report regarding the investigation into the officer-involved slaying of Mr. William Abbe.

Upon our review of the report, it is...


At the Angus Lee Law Firm, we’re committed to fighting for our clients. Using our extensive trial experience, we know how to effectively represent clients accused of criminal charges including felonies, DUI, Domestic Violence and Assault, and more.

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The Seattle Office of Civil Rights has opened an investigation into a Seattle business for violation of Mr. Joey Gibson’s civil rights under the Seattle Municipal Code. The Seattle Municipal Code specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of religion or political ideology.


What is the Mental Health Court?

The Mental Health Court is a specialty court that is designed to help both misdemeanor and felony defendants who suffer from a mental illness. Under the guidance of professionally trained staff members, participants will be treated with the goal of making a positive change in their life. While post-plea cases are accepted, a “pre-plea” program is offered as well. This means the individual must waive their right to a speedy and jury trial. In order to continue in the program, the defendant must agree to certain stipulations. A contract will be required. If the person successfully completes the program, their pending charges can be dismissed.

Goals of the Mental Health Court

The primary goal of the Mental Health Court is to reduce criminal recidivism, which means the participant will be less likely to violate the law in the future. The criminal offender will have direct access to the appropriate treatment for their mental illness. By requiring strict accountability for unacceptable behavior,...


CLICK HERE to sign the petition asking the City of Vancouver to require officers to wear body cameras while in uniform.

The use of body cameras will increase public safety, improve law enforcement accountability, and improve relations between law enforcement and the communities they serve by increasing transparency in law enforcement.

Body worn video cameras can do great things for good officers who are wrongly accused of misusing their authority. At the same time, however, body cameras will help protect the general public from improper police conduct.

Everyone behaves better when there is a camera running. Criminals are less likely to assault an officer and thereby force the officer to use force when they can see that they are being recorded and will end up in jail.

Proposed New Vancouver Municipal Code 2.20.060:



We write in opposition to the proposed Bylaw Amendment to Art. IV (D)(3).

According the language of the two versions of the proposed amendment, and the WSBA webpage, the proposed amendment to the Bylaws “would preclude governors, other officers, and the Executive Director from supporting or opposing candidates seeking a position on the Board of Governors.”[1]

This proposed amendment is an unconstitutional content based prior restraint (more on that below), and will only result in reduced information to the membership. Ironically, the members of the Board of Governors, are the very individuals most likely to have an informed opinion to share on candidates for the Board of Governors.

Also, such censorship is in opposition to the stated goals of the Association. In general, the Washington State Bar Association strives to: “Provide services to its members… (15) Disseminate information about the organization's activities, interests, and positions…” GR 12.2.

Clear My Record Washington State

If you have a criminal record, you might be able to get non-conviction information in Washington cleared or expunged. This means that the information gets removed from law enforcement data. In some cases, you can have your conviction for a misdemeanor or felony offense vacated. You can have your arrest expunged from your record after a certain period if the charges were dismissed. If you need to vacate, expunge or seal your criminal record, a Washington State attorney at the Angus Lee Law Firm can help.

Vacating or sealing adult misdemeanor or felony convictions

It is possible to vacate or seal certain misdemeanor or felony convictions. An attorney can review your conviction and let you know if it can be vacated. You must also have completed all of the conditions and terms of your sentence, and three or more years must have passed (depending on the conviction). If you have been charged with any new criminal offenses or have any pending in state or federal court, you will not be eligible. You are also not...

Attorney for Misdemeanor Charge

Criminal offenses in Washington State are specified in the Revised Code of Washington and range from misdemeanors to major felonies. Any criminal conviction in the state may lead to incarceration, fines, and other penalties. Misdemeanor offenses are considered to be minor crimes as compared to felonies, but they still can lead to jail sentences. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor offense, it is important for you to talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.


Misdemeanor offenses include such things as disorderly conduct, shoplifting, or trespassing. These offenses may consider to be minor in nature by some, but they can still result in jail sentences. They are prosecuted in municipal and district courts. Judges may impose a maximum of 90 days in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, or both imprisonment and a fine. Judges are likelier to impose higher jail sentences if there were aggravating factors or if the defendants have criminal records.

Gross Misdemeanors

Gross misdemeanors are...

Criminal Attorney in Washington

Are you looking to hire the best criminal attorney in Washington? The task of choosing a criminal attorney can be overwhelming, and there are many ways of searching for a lawyer online. We’ve listed some of the most popular ways to help you find the best legal representation for your case. Read on to learn more, and contact Angus Lee today for your free case evaluation.


Take a look at the attorney’s website. Here, you’ll learn more about the attorney, their previous cases, practice areas, and get a sense of their litigation style. You should look for completion of a law degree and a range of experience in criminal cases. At Angus Lee Law Firm, we have extensive trial experience in criminal law. On the attorney’s website, you can also see if they offer a free case evaluation, which Angus does! Feel free to prepare a list of questions to ask during this no-obligation evaluation. A consultation will allow you to meet the lawyer and decide if you feel confident in their ability to take on your case.



Like many other states around the country, Washington State is growing more concerned about roadway safety. As a result, a new law was recently passed regarding the use of mobile devices on the road. Under this new law, a citation for using a mobile device while driving is considered a “serious traffic violation”. Our Washington State attorneys have gathered all the facts for you, so read on to get the details and avoid getting pulled over because of this new law.

Extreme Ramifications

Now, if you get pulled over for using a mobile device while driving, it’s considered a "serious traffic violation” like reckless driving or speeding more than 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. This means that a citation for using a mobile device could seriously impact your insurance rates, and possibly lead to a suspension of your license, causing harmful ramifications to your day to day life. There is one exception for this new law, as “using a personal electronic device to contact emergency services” is still legal.



Below are some treatment providers that may be of assistance to those in need of an evaluation and any recommended treatment.


Below are some treatment providers that may be of assistance to those in need of an evaluation and any recommended treatment.

Subpoena Medical Records

Medical records can be critical evidence in any type of case, whether it be a personal injury case, assault, or a domestic violence allegation. If you’ve been accused of any of the above, medical records can be key to your defense strategy. At Angus Lee Law Firm, our Washington state attorneys will work to get access to all evidence that can help your case, including the accuser’s medical and mental health records

As any experienced criminal attorney will attest, sometimes the accuser has a pre-existing or underlying condition that can be used to help the defendant's case. With the increase in psychotropic medications being prescribed, it is crucial the the accused know as much as possible about the mental state of the person accusing them. You need a lawyer who will subpoena medical records, and create the best defense case for you.

The Types of Records to Subpoena

It's best if your attorney subpoenas records from all types of medical facilities, including a physical therapist, hospital, and regular doctor's office....


When you need a criminal defense attorney, it can be difficult to determine which lawyer is right for your case. The right attorney can mean the difference between hearing "guilty as charged" and hearing "case dismissed!" For this reason, it’s extremely important to choose wisely among the many attorneys in Washington, and do your research to find the best legal representation for you.

Of all of the attorneys in Washington State, Angus Lee has proved to be appreciated by his clients over and over again. A 3-time recipient of the AVVO Client's Choice Award, Lee not only has his proven success in court, but also has the enthusiastic appreciation of his former clients to prove his expertise. Here are just a few of the reasons to choose Angus Lee as your criminal defense attorney.

He's Been On Both Sides of the Table

It's not every day that you find a criminal lawyer that's been a prosecuting attorney. That's Angus Lee. He served as an elected county prosecutor and also as a special assistant U.S. attorney, that means he knows how prosecutors think...


Judge Fearing recently authored a concurring opinion that provides a comprehensive overview of Washington law on the issue of prosecutorial misconduct during closing argument. He seems to acknowledge the difficulty presented by review of this issue on appeal, writing “Appellate judges' pampered existence in an ivory tower disqualifies them from being representatives of the community.” He went on to “solicit firmer principles and methods of resolving appeals that narrow the ability of judges to employ varying analyses and thereby utilize their own attitudes of justice when assessing misconduct and prejudice.”

His full opinion is below.


The State of Washington, v. Angela Elizabeth King.

Court of Appeals of Washington, Division Three

July 11, 2017, Filed


As a renowned criminal defense attorney, Angus Lee's reputation and experience often result in high-profile cases. One of these cases occurred recently when Angus Lee served as a prosecuting attorney in State v. Nathan Brooks. Nathon Brooks, at age 14, attempted to kill his parents in their home in Moses Lake, Washington in March 2013. Miraculously, both parents survived their injuries.

As prosecuting attorney, Angus Lee argued that Nathon should be tried as an adult, even though he was 14 at the time of the incident. If Nathon was tried as a juvenile, he would automatically be released from incarceration at age 21. Given the serious nature of the crime and the threat to public safety Nathon could pose, Angus successfully argued to the court that he should stand as an adult, which would impose a stricter sentence and more jail time. The court ended up deciding that Nathon should stand trial as an adult for two counts of attempted murder.

In the end, Nathon pled guilty as an adult, and was sentenced to a sentence much longer than what he would have faced being tried...


Time and time again, throughout the history of our courts, a technology will be released, aimed at proving X, Y or Z, with an attempt to make the system easier for all. While this technology appears to be ideal for lawyers and judges, none are fully trained to understand why we shouldn’t rely on them as evidence in the court of law.

Angus Lee Avvo Award

We're proud to announce that AVVO has awarded Angus Lee their prestigious Client's Choice Award. This award is given to attorneys whose outstanding legal services have resulted in highly satisfied clients. This is Lee's third year in a row to win the award, showing that he is one of the great criminal defense attorneys in Washington State.

One only needs to glance at client testimonials to see how hard he works for every client he represents. One satisfied client writes that Lee is "extremely professional and knowledgeable, and knew exactly how to handle my case." Another praises Lee for how he "patiently and expertly helped us through a complicated and serious legal situation." And yet another satisfied client says that Lee is "The one you want by your side!"


A Senate hearing earlier this week on WSBA membership dues, went well for the membership. Not so much for the WSBA. The bill was passed by the committee with a "do pass" recommendation. Hearing highlights are a must watch for any dues paying WSBA member.

Criminal Attorney in Washington

A senate bill that seeks to require the WSBA obtain an affirmative vote of the WSBA membership prior to increasing bar dues is scheduled for 2/14/17 at 10:00 A.M.

Testimony will be taken in Olympia, and by satellite in Spokane and Vancouver.

If you would like to testify in support of the bill, make sure to register before 5:00 PM on 2/13/17.


A complaint has been filed against the WSBA by attorney Stephen Eugster. Eugster has practiced law in the state of Washington for over 45 years. He is a graduate of the University of Washington School of Law in 1969, where he was a member of the Washington Law Review and its Managing Editor for one year.

For many years he practiced as commercial and estates lawyer — first at Davis Wright Todd Reise & Jones in Seattle, and next at Lukins & Annis PS in Spokane.

In the fall of 1990 he opened his law office in Spokane. The purpose of the new law office was to allow him to do more public interest, public trust advocacy and litigation.

He was a Spokane City Council Member from 2000 through 2003.

SB 5721 - Washington State Lawyer

Vice-Chair O'Ban, Ranking Member Darneille, and Members of the Law and Justice Committee:

I write to you in strong support of Senate Bill 5721, requiring the Washington State Bar Association to obtain an affirmative vote prior to increasing bar dues for membership.



A senate bill has been introduced by the chair of the Senate Law and Justice Committee that seeks to require the WSBA to obtain an affirmative vote of the WSBA membership prior to increasing bar dues. The bill is written to be retroactively applied to the 2016 dues increase.

Full text of the current bill is below.


criminal defense attorney

Whether you are just being a responsible adult, or someone asking the court to remove a protection order that you don’t want “protecting you,” it is a good idea to have a written safety plan that helps you think through what you would do in the event of an emergency.

There are plenty of sample safety plans available on the internet. Here is a sample safety plan similar to what we have used in court when representing someone who want’s to have a protection order lifted.

Having a safety plan can demonstrate to the judge that a person requesting to have a protection order lifted is a responsible adult who is being proactive and does not need court interference with their life.

Washington's Ignition Interlock Driver License (IIL)

An Ignition Interlock Driver License (IIL) allows you to drive a vehicle while your license is suspended or revoked for a drug or alcohol–related offense.


To be eligible, your driving record must show all of the following and that you have an unexpired WA driver license or valid out of state driver license:

  1. An arrest or conviction of any of the following:
    • DUI or Physical Control involving drugs or alcohol
    • Reckless Driving
    • Vehicular Assault involving drugs or alcohol
    • Vehicular Homicide involving drugs or alcohol
  2. You have a WA State residence address and unexpired WA driver license.
  3. Your current suspension or revocation doesn’t include:
    • Minor in Possession, or
    • Habitual Traffic Offender (Suspended 1st degree)
DUI Defense

After an arrest for DUI, you have the right to request a formal hearing to contest the suspension or revocation of your driving privilege.

Your request must be postmarked within 20 days of the date of arrest, or within 20 days of the date the notice was given. If your request is not made within this time frame, you will have waived your right to a hearing.


During your DUI hearing, a hearing examiner will consider:

  • Whether you were under lawful arrest.
  • Whether an officer had reasonable grounds to believe you had been driving or were in actual physical control of a motor vehicle in this state while:
    • Under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug.
    • Having alcohol in your system of 0.02 or more and were under the age of 21.
  • Whether you were advised of your rights and warnings as required by RCW 46.20.308(2).
  • Whether you refused to submit to the...
  • more

In almost every mass carnage terrorist attack there is one common denominator that nobody wants to talk about.

Nobody talks about it because there is absolutely no advantage for either political party. Nobody talks about it because our reflex is to find an external cause for mass carnage (guns/religion). And nobody talks about it because we want to calm our fears with a solution looking outward, but not inward.

The single common denominator in each mass carnage attack (be it by gun, knife, hatchet, or plane) is that a strikingly large number of individuals turned their back to just one or two bad men, and then either ran away, waited for someone to arrive and help, or simply waited to be killed without fighting back.

Nobody wants to talk about this, but it is true. And to do the victims of these attacks any justice or honor, we must face the hard truths and learn from this tragedy.

The simple and undeniable truth is that mass flight from an armed attacker has always, and will always, result in mass carnage. This is true on the battle field, on a bus, or...


In a single year, 1,456 drivers were arrested and cited for DUI in Washington state even though they had complied with state BAC test requirements and provided breath samples registering alcohol levels below the legal limit of 0.08. In that same year, 4,139 drivers were accused of refusing to provide breath samples.

Slap on the Wrist.jpg

Stricter sentences needed for repeat unlawful gun possession.


Prosecutors and police have a duty to seek out and voluntarily disclose every bit of evidence that helps a person accused of a crime defend themselves from prosecution. This kind of “exculpatory” evidence can come in the form of improper evidence handling, insufficient officer training, negative officer performance reviews, and even dishonesty or wrongdoing by a police officer.


In a city where the Police Department has been warning residents of an increase in vehicle prowling and break ins, a Ridgefield homeowner was arrested on Saturday for arming himself and demanding that a suspected prowler leave his property.

Mr. Daniel Baisa, a big rig diesel mechanic who has been living in his home since 2010, was working in his garage when he noticed a suspicious individual who appeared to be prowling behind one of his cars. Alarmed, Baisa retrieved his handgun from inside the house. When he returned, the suspect advanced between Baisa’s two cars and towards Baisa in his garage. Baisa demanded the intruder get off his property. When the suspect did not immediately do so, Baisa displayed his weapon by pointing it at the ground and demanded a second time the man leave.

The intruder, a Mr. Ed Owens, left, but in a twist of irony, contacted the Ridgefield Police Department to...


It is disappointing to see the President, and some others in the federal government, not only attack the means by which individuals choose to defend themselves, but now make clear they also seek to limit and infringe upon the very basic human right of self-defense. Specifically, former Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated that "it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense" and argued that the government should impose upon law abiding citizens a "duty to retreat" from an attacking criminal.

First, self-defense is not some legal "concept." It is much more; it is a basic and fundamental human right. This right does not come as a gift from government, but exists independent of, and prior to, government.

Second, 'Stand Your Ground' (traditionally known as "no duty to retreat") is not new, novel, or a 'senseless expansion' of the right self-defense. It is a long standing, generally accepted, and rationally based law.

Since the 1800s it has been clear that federal law imposes no duty to retreat.

The same has been true in...


Hope Solo is innocent. The case against her was rightly dismissed. Solo’s relatives, like so many unscrupulous individuals, appear to be using Washington State’s domestic violence mandatory arrest law for personal gain and attention. The appeal in this case is nothing more than the prosecution’s attempt to control publicity and will fail. And, contrary to what the likes of Keith Olbermann say, Solo is an outstanding role model for excellence in athletics.

Let’s make sure that is the very first thing that everyone understands. Her case was dismissed because the witnesses against her refused to answer questions under oath. In fact, according to ESPN, when Judge Lambo ordered them to appear for a deposition, Obert, Solo's half sister, intentionally skipped town to avoid answering.

This is...


Lauren Drake, and the Columbian, have done some outstanding reporting on the body camera issue over the last year. When you sit down and read all of it you come away realizing that if we are going to have body cameras in Washington State, it will take the will of the people, NOT elected officials.

In November the Columbian reported that “Body cameras are not yet worn in Clark County” and later reported that “Vancouver Police Chief James McElvain said nobody in the Vancouver Police Department currently uses body cameras.”

Also in November, the Columbian weighed in on the matter in an editorial and concluded “...


Danny Westneat, of the Seattle Times, asks some interesting questions and makes some interesting points in his article "What if signature gathering didn’t take $1 million?" Check it out.

Democracy 2.0 is coming.

Body Camera Initiatives

VANCOUVER, WA— Former elected prosecutor, Angus Lee, has filed two voter initiatives with the Secretary of State that would require state law enforcement officers to wear body cameras while in uniform and another that would require that law enforcement agencies publish on their department web pages when an officer in their agency has used force on someone in the line of duty.

He has also made signing the petition possible online using Docusign technology. He is hoping that through the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, those interested can both sign on line, and also reach out to their family and friends to do the same.

The voter initiative can be signed online at

If successful, this would the first time a Washington State Voter Initiative has gathered petition signatures using electronic signature gathering.

Angus Lee said that “we are trying to increase public safety, improve law enforcement accountability, and enhance democracy by gathering these petition signatures...


In recent weeks the soon to be former U.S. Attorney General released the DOJ findings on policing and justice in Ferguson. A hallmark of the comments made publicly by Holder was that for law enforcement to work there must be TRUST. He was correct, but wouldn't it be nice if he practiced what he preached.

As we all know, the rally cry of this Ferguson movement was “hands up, don’t shoot”. And now we all know that there is exactly zero basis in reality to believe that there was a factual basis to support this “hands up” symbol. Yet that did not stop the media, Holder, celebrities, and others to rush to judgement and perpetuate the lie of this symbol.

If you want a movement to last and make progress you need TRUST, and you cannot use for that movement a symbol that is based on a lie. Instead of doubling down on “hands up” Holder, and others should walk away from that and find a symbol based on reality.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 9.38.22 AM.png

This week the White House published the interim report on policing in the 21st century. It has some good parts. You can read the 100 page report HERE, but I thought you might like a few highlighted quotes and some commentary.

“Trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they protect and serve is essential in a democracy.”

“It is key to the stability of our communities, the integrity of our criminal justice system, and the safe and effective delivery of policing services.”

“People are more likely to obey the law when they believe those who are enforcing it have the right—the legitimate authority—to tell them what to do.”

“How officers define their role will set the tone for the community. As Plato wrote, ‘In a republic that honors the core of democracy—the greatest amount of power is given to those called Guardians. Only those with the most impeccable character are chosen to bear the responsibility of protecting the democracy.’”



A White House Task Force is suggesting that all officer involved shootings be reviewed by a special prosecutor.

This is a very good idea and could do a great deal to repair the lost trust between law enforcement and those they serve in certain communities.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 1.00.59 PM.png

Sometimes you have to take a stand if you want to see reforms. Former Senator Holmquist recognized the efforts of Angus Lee to reform the criminal justice system and supported his efforts by voting for this reform bill. See below.


Lee and Holmquist Newbry comment on passage of bill to reduce gun violence

Grant County Prosecutor D. Angus Lee and State Sen.Janéa Holmquist Newbry today commented on the passage of House Bill 2164 – a bipartisan measure aimed at addressing the criminal misuse of firearms by teens.

“I am pleased that we were able to get this bill passed with such large bipartisan support...


Fraud and identity theft have been increasing throughout the years and are sure to continue.

Here are 10 simple Do’s and Don’ts to help you avoid becoming a victim of these devastating economic crimes.

• 1 — Shred all credit card offers and statements before putting them in the trash. Simply tearing the letter into a few pieces does not always work.

• 2 — Don’t print your Social Security number on your checks.

• 3 — Keep a list of your credit card and bank account numbers and phone numbers in a safe place, so if your purse or wallet is stolen, you can immediately call the appropriate institutions. The faster you act, the quicker the thief is blocked.

• 4 — Don’t keep your account PIN number in the same place as your credit cards or ATM cards.

• 5 — Bank online if possible. It’s easier and, so far, it’s proven safer.

• 6 — Don’t ever respond to an e-mail claiming to be from your bank that requests you to enter your account number or any credit card numbers.

• 7 — If you take part in online auctions, keep all e-mails verifying your...


KXLY has reported accurately on my efforts, working with state law makers, to reduce gun crime committed by the mentally ill.

Last session I wrote to state law makers that I was looking to reduce “criminal misuse of firearms” and can do so by a “simple amendment” to the law that restores firearm rights to those involuntarily committed for mental health treatment.

Under the current law, people involuntarily committed can have their firearm rights restored without sufficiently ensuring that their mental health is fully restored.

In my letter I explained that "under the current law the trial court must restore firearm rights even if the trial court feels that there is a 49.9 percent likelihood that the person who was once involuntarily committed has not successfully managed the condition related to the commitment, is likely to have a recurrence of the condition, and still presents a substantial danger to the public.”

To fix this problem, I propose a minimum mandatory waiting period of 12 months after being released from an involuntary commitment. I also...

Angus town hall.jpg

Below is an open letter I wrote to state law makers (Rep. Judy Warnick, R-Moses Lake, and Rep. Matt Manweller, R-Ellensburg) in the last legislative session. As always, Judy and Mat were very easy to work with and very interested in criminal justice reform.


First let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to include me in your recent discussion of possible legislation to reduce gun crime. I truly appreciate being able to work with you on this and I appreciate your efforts in this regard.

In addition to your efforts to reduce gun violence, I am sure you will be faced with numerous difficult votes this year. Below are two bills that I want to briefly call to your attention.

HB 1147: Modifying first degree unlawful possession of a firearm provisions

This bill Includes in the crime of unlawful possession of a firearm in the first degree, an adult who has in his or her possession any firearm after having previously been convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree.

This is bipartisan legislation that will help...


Last year the Herald reported on my efforts to raise awareness regarding gun crime sentencing laws. See Below.

Some action was taken in Olympia in response to this, but not enough. It is unlikely that our representatives in Olympia have the courage to make the necessary changes in our criminal laws to effect real improvements in public safety by reducing the criminal misuse of firearms.


March 8, 2014 9:05 am | Updated: 4:13 pm, Tue Mar 11, 2014.

By Joe Utter,

Herald staff writer

Update: House Bill 2164 passed the Senate after our print deadline for Friday's paper, but before the story was printed. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

MOSES LAKE - Grant County Prosecutor D. Angus Lee continues to push for support from lawmakers to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms.

In a letter to Sen. Janéa Holmquist Newbry this week, Lee asked for a vote in favor of House Bill 2164, which...


In 2013 and 2014 the Columbia Basin Herald reported on the county wide drop in reported juvenile crime. See Below. Specifically, the county had experienced several years of apparently decreasing reports of juvenile crime. The question is why did the reports of juvenile crime go down?

Was it policing? Was it schooling? Was it a change in the economy or local after school programs? The reality is that none of those things changed drastically in anytime relevant to the drop in reported crime.

What did change however, is the amount of time, effort, and resources committed to juvenile prosecution by the prosecutor's office shortly before the reduction in reported juvenile crime began.

Early prevention to break the criminal cycle requires proactive...


Last year iFiberOne reported on my efforts (as the then elected prosecutor) to reduce gang crime through targeted prosecution of selected offenders by using a non-traditional tool. See Below.

Specifically the goal was to use cost effective probation violations to incapacitate high level gang members. This tool was showing promise and is something that should be considered by others in the field. It would be a detriment to the community if those efforts are not continued.


iFiberOne News

By Cameron Probert

EPHRATA – A prosecutor’s office task force is targeting gang members violating their probation.

The Grant County Prosecutor’s Office formed the gang prosecution task force in March. The deputy prosecutors have been working with law enforcement to identify gang members and “high priority individuals” inside the gangs, he stated.

“Members of criminal street...


This was a very interesting article by the Columbian in Vancouver. It was very nice to have them reach out to me for comment on the Governor's decision on the death penalty.


Westley Allan Dodd killings: A gruesome anniversary

By Lauren Dake, Columbian political writer

Published: August 31, 2014

Jeff “Mac” McEllrath has never regretted his decision to help send Westley Allan Dodd to the gallows.

Twenty-five years ago on Labor Day, Dodd stabbed to death two brothers, William, 10, and Cole Neer, 11, in David Douglas Park in Vancouver. Later, the killer abducted 4-year-old Lee Iseli in Portland, murdered him and left his body near Vancouver Lake.

The murders haunted the community and gripped the nation. Memories from the grisly cases linger. McEllrath, a juror in Dodd’s trial, remembers Dodd’s detailed diary, the gruesome photos the child killer snapped of his victims, and the plans Dodd outlined for future targets.

“Like it...


In 2013, two highly respected experts in the filed of legal ethics weighed in on the 2009 allegations against Angus lee and authored comprehensive and detailed written opinions that there was no violation of the Rules of Professional conduct by Angus Lee.

Ethics expert Peter Jarvis wrote in the below analysis of the issues that Angus "Lee committed no RPC violations, did not ratify, direct or assist anyone else in committing such violations and cannot be said to have run an office in which ethical issues were ignored or were not fully and timely addressed."

Ethics expert Arthur Lachman authored an opinion coming to the same conclusion, writing "In my opinion, for the reasons set forth in detail below, Angus Lee did not violate the conflict of interest provisions of the Washington Rules of Professional Conduct."

Ethics experts Arthur Lachman and Peter Jarvis were not alone in their conclusion. In fact, five members of the WSBA board that reviewed the matter voted to dismiss it.


Law and Politics

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