The best trial attorney in Vancouver, WA

November 2018

Angus Lee is the best trial attorney in Vancouver, WA. He has complete command of the court room and total confidence in everything he does. He has a unique ability to relate, connect, and win the jury over during trial. He is a tornado to the prosecution in how he can completely level the playing field when the odds are stacked against you. He turns what prosecutors believe are solid cases into a Rubik's Cube for them to figure out. He is relentless, focused, and determined to win. His knowledge of the legal system and what works are unparalleled.

Thank you for your services Angus! I am still glowing from our "Not Guilty" verdict at trial yesterday. I was told by so many others that it is almost pointless to take a "Refusal DUI" to trial. Because of you I was able to overcome this and prove my innocence.