The absolute best!

December 7, 2015

What an amazing result and what great communication.

Witness Tampering: Exonerated

No-Contact-Order: Dismissed

No-Contact-Order: Dismissed

No-Contact-Order: Not Charged

Harassment: Dismissed

Cyber Stalking: Amended to disorderly conduct!

I never hurt anyone, but based on misinformation and exaggeration I was charged with multiple counts and cases of domestic violence (threats, harassment a, cyberstalking, No Contact Order violation, and witness tampering). When I was booked into jail on the felony witness tampering I knew I was in real trouble. Then Angus Lee came to see me at the jail on a weekend and talked to me about my case.

What a relief. He listened to my story and told me he could help. He laid out a plan to defend the case and told me he would see me Monday morning.

Come Monday he had me exonerated on the felony and got me out of jail. The prosecution did not know what hit them.

Then he went to work on the rest of my charges. During the case, Angus was always available to speak with me and kept me up to date on my case.

In the end he convinced the prosecutor to dismiss almost all the charges, agree not to file the new charges that had been requested, and amend the only remaining charge to disorderly conduct.

I paid court cost, but NO FINE and NO JAIl.

The No-Contact-Order was dropped and in a few years I can have this taken off of my record.

Thank you!