My charges were dramatically reduced

October 2017

Angus first met with me, and asked many details about my case. He surprised me with the depth of inquiry, but I felt that he really cared about the outcome, and needed this info in order to perform his duties, which he did very well. My charges were dramatically reduced, and he even had a strategy to deal with the system after all was said and done. And it worked. He also gave very good advice for preparing me for the journey I was about to undertake. I began to look at myself and make heartfelt changes that helped me when in front of the judge. I'm glad he made these suggestions that I followed, as I was in pretty rough shape when we first met, and probably wouldn't have thought of them at the time. I got busy on my end, and he on his... My life has changed very much for the better, and continues to advance on a path of recovery after my horrible incident. Thanks Angus! You are a great man. Your compassion, and empathy was unexpected. Of course your experience in this field was evident, hence the positive outcome.