May 25, 2016

I had gone and had consultations with a handful of lawyers before I found Angus. Either them telling me "my case has no hope and no matter what ill be convicted" or not even listing to my story. After hearing that a few times i grew weary of having hope in a successful case. I know i had not done anything wrong and based off of a few convictions on my record from 5 years ago a disorderly conduct DV, and a DUI the other lawyers doubted and predicted a future they would have gotten wrong. But everyone but Angus told me we are gonna get this taken care of and told me he sees the hope in my case. Being accused of something you know you didn't do can seriously put you through a lot of different emotions. As soon as i sat down for my evaluation with Angus he was all ears calm and professional. This whole situation came out of no where i didn't have money sitting around to be able to pay all up front and Angus said i want to help you, we will figure this out and that is just what he did! And from there he started on my case immediately that day after our consultation together, calling witness and getting the case started! I was impressed by how fast he emailed me or called me back with any questions i had and kept me up to date. He walked me through everything calmed me down and reassured me everything would be okay at the times i needed it the most. My no contact order was still in place for the first court date by the second court date Angus pointed the facts to the judge and she reduced the no contact order so i could call and text my boyfriend again I was so thankful. At that court date we had set my hearing and trial but Angus didn't back down! My case was a very difficult one keep that in mind. Now two weeks before my trial date papers are filed and my case was over before i knew it, its dismissed!!!! No fines no jail time no probation nothing. After the papers were signed and case was over Angus told me if you need anything call me and would like to help me take care of my past record. I couldn't be more happier to have chosen a very respectable and hard working lawyer. If you are having doubt about your case call Angus. You wont regret it! Thank you ANGUS!