Felony Charges

March 8, 2017

I met with Angus to discuss my case and was immediately impressed and hired him on the spot! I was faced up against burglary and two assault charges, and as I was walking out of his office for the first time he was already on the phone with the prosecutor trying to get my charges lowered. Angus did an amazing job the entire time he was on my case. He emailed back quickly every time I had a question or something for him that would help the case. He frequently called to update me with anything that was going on or met with me in person if I asked. My case was a unique one in that it started out as a custody battle and turned into something of a circus with all the victims lying and me being the only one to tell the truth. Through interviews with the alleged "victims" Angus was able to prove that I didn't assault anyone. With lots of back and forth Angus was able to get my assault charges dropped completely and I took deferred sentencing for criminal trespassing which was the best outcome for my situation. Angus is a great lawyer who cares about his clients and their future!