DV Defense

October 18, 2016

A few months ago I had run into a legal issue in which a charge was being brought against me from an incident that transpired. Due to the nature of the charge I immediately began to search for an attorney whom I felt could represent me and more so one who was well knowledge in Domestic Violence and that's when I came across Angus Lee. Within minutes of talking to Angus for the first time it felt as if a huge burden was taken off my shoulders and was able to be at ease since the incident. He spoke with genuineness and assured me that everything will be okay and that I was in good hands, non of which any of the other attorney's I spoke with had done. After meeting with Angus I was certain that he was the right lawyer for what I was about to encounter. From day one he jumped right on the case and began to find the best possible outcome for the charge that was being brought against me. He immediately went to war for me and tried to negotiate with the DA in regards to the charge. He was there every step of the way through the process and couldn't emphasize enough that he was there for me no matter what time of the day or night it was, and he truly was! If I had even a slight idea or question about the matter and wanted some clarification or questions answered he was all over it and got me the answers. If you want desire a lawyer that will treat you with respect and not treat you like another basket case, I would HIGHLY recommend Angus. He truly goes the extra mile for his clients and will fight for you to the end. Angus was able negotiate and get me diversion so that the charge would be dismissed after completing all requirements. Truly a remarkable lawyer who will fight for you to the end in order to achieve the best possible outcome.