(Rule 15.2)


FOR (_______________) COUNTY

[Name of plaintiff], )

Plaintiff, ) No. (trial court)

v. )

[Name of defendant], ) ORDER OF INDIGENCY

Defendant. )

[Set forth finding of indigency and state that applicable law grants review wholly or partially at public expense. For example: "The court finds that the defendant lacks sufficient funds to prosecute an appeal and applicable law grants defendant a right to review at public expense to the extent defined in this order."] The court orders as follows:

1. The filing fee is waived.

2. [Name of indigent] is entitled to counsel for review wholly at public expense. When review is discretionary, counsel will be provided and the expenses detailed below will be paid if review is accepted or as applicable law permits.

3. The appellate court shall appoint counsel for review pursuant to RAP 15.2 [If applicable: "Trial counsel must assist appointed counsel for review in preparing the record."]

4. [Name of indigent] is entitled to the following at public expense:

(a) Those portions of the verbatim report of proceedings reasonably necessary for review as follows:

[Designate parts of report.]

(b) A copy of the following clerk's papers:

[Designate papers by name and trial court clerk's subnumber.]

(c) Preparation of original documents to be reproduced by the clerk as provided in rule 14.3(b).

(d) Reproduction of briefs and other papers on review that are reproduced by the clerk of the appellate court.

(e) The cost of transmitting the following cumbersome exhibits:

[Designate cumbersome exhibits needed for review. See rule 9.8(b).]

(f) Other items:

[Designate items.]




[Name of Judge]

Judge of the Superior Court

Presented by:

[Name of party and attorney for party presenting order; Washington State Bar Association membership number]

[Adopted Amended effective June 21, 2005; September 1, 2006.]