(a) Duty of Trial Court Clerk. Except as provided in section (b), the clerk of the trial court shall send the clerk's papers and exhibits to the appellate court when the clerk receives payment for the preparation of the documents. The clerk shall endorse on the face of the record the date upon which the clerk's papers are transmitted to the appellate court.

(b) Cumbersome Exhibits. The clerk of the trial court shall transmit to the appellate court exhibits which are difficult or unusually expensive to transmit only if the appellate court directs or if a party makes arrangements with the clerk to transmit the exhibits at the expense of the party requesting the transfer of the exhibits. No weapons, controlled substances, hazardous items, or currency shall be forwarded unless directed by the appellate court.

(c) Temporary Transmittal to another Court. If the record or any part of it is needed in another court while a review is pending, the clerk of the appellate court will, on the order or ruling of the appellate court, transmit the record or part of it to the clerk of that court, to remain there until the purpose for which it is transmitted has been satisfied or until the clerk of the appellate court requests its return.

[Originally effective July 1, 1976; amended effective July 2, 1976; September 1, 1994; September 1, 1998; September 1, 2010; September 1, 2015.]