(a) Service. Except when a rule requires the appellate court commissioner or clerk or the trial court clerk to serve a particular paper, and except as provided in rule 9.5, a person filing a paper must, at or before the time of filing, serve a copy of the paper on all parties, amicus, and other persons who may be entitled to notice. If a person does not have an attorney of record, service should be made upon the person. Service must be made as provided in CR 5(b), (f), and (g).

(b) Proof of Service. Proof of service should be made by an acknowledgment of service, or by an affidavit, or, if service is by mail, as provided in CR 5(b). Proof of service may appear on or be attached to the papers filed.

(c) Filing. Papers required or permitted to be filed in the appellate court must be filed with the clerk, except that an appellate court judge may permit papers to be filed with the judge, in which event the judge will note the filing date on the papers and promptly transmit them to the appellate court clerk.

(d) Filing by Facsimile. (Reserved. See GR 17--Facsimile Transmission.)

(e) Service and Filing by an Inmate Confined in an Institution. An inmate confined in an institution may file and serve papers by mail in accordance with GR 3.1.


Rule 9.5, Filing and Service of Report of Proceedings-Objections.

[Originally effective July 1, 1976; amended effective September 1, 1993; September 1, 2006; September 1, 2014.]