(a) Generally. A motion must include (1) a statement of the name and designation of the person filing the motion, (2) a statement of the relief sought, (3) reference to or copies of parts of the record relevant to the motion, and (4) a statement of the grounds for the relief sought, with supporting argument.

(b) Motion for Discretionary Review. A motion for discretionary review should contain under appropriate headings and in the order here indicated:

(1) Cover. A title page, which is the cover.

(2) Identity of Petitioner. A statement of the name and designation of the person filing the motion.

(3) Decision Below. A statement of the decision which petitioner wants reviewed, the court entering or filing the decision, the date entered or filed, and the date and a description of any order granting or denying motions made after the decision.

(4) Issues Presented for Review. A concise statement of the issues presented for review.

(5) Statement of the Case. A statement of the facts and procedure below relevant to the issues presented for review, with appropriate reference to the record.

(6) Argument. A direct and concise statement of the reasons why review should be granted, with supporting argument.

(7) Conclusion. A short conclusion stating the precise relief sought.

(8) Appendix. An appendix containing a copy of the decision which the party wants reviewed, a copy of any order granting or denying motions made with respect to that decision, and a copy of parts of the record relevant to the motion. In addition, the appendix may include copies of statutes and constitutional provisions relevant to the issues presented for review, and other material which would assist the court in determining whether the motion should be granted.

(c) Statement of Grounds for Direct Review. If the motion is for discretionary review of a trial court decision and the party making the motion seeks direct review by the Supreme Court, the party seeking review must also serve and file a separate statement urging grounds for Supreme Court review as provided in rule 4.2(b) and (c).


Form 3, Motion for Discretionary Review; Form 4, Statement of Grounds for Direct Review; Form 18, Motion; Form 20, Motion To Modify Ruling; Rule 6.2, Discretionary Review; Rule 12.4, Motion for Reconsideration of Decision Terminating Review.

[Amended December 24, 2002]


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