(a) Generally. The judges determine (1) a motion in a brief, (2) a motion to modify a ruling by a commissioner or the clerk, (3) a motion for reconsideration of a decision, (4) a motion to recall the mandate, except for a motion made to correct an inadvertently issued mandate, and (5) a motion to publish. All other motions may be determined initially by a commissioner or the clerk of the appellate court.

(b) Reference to the Judges. A commissioner or clerk may refer a motion to the judges for determination. If the motion is referred to the judges, the commissioner or clerk will give notice of the reference to all persons entitled to notice of the motion.

(c) Transfer by Supreme Court to Court of Appeals. A commissioner or clerk of the Supreme Court may transfer a motion for discretionary review of a trial court decision to the Court of Appeals for determination.

[Amended December 24, 2002]