(a) Court of Appeals. A personal restraint petition should be filed in the Court of Appeals, unless the petition is subject to subsection (b).

(b) Supreme Court. A personal restraint petition filed by a person under sentence of death shall be filed in the Supreme Court. See RAP 16.3(c).

(c) A personal restraint petition may be transferred by the court in which it is filed. The transfer of a personal restraint petition between the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals shall not be subject to a motion to reconsider or, if the transfer is ordered by the clerk of the court, a motion to modify.

(d) If a petition filed in the Supreme Court is not transferred to the Court of Appeals, or has been transferred from the Court of Appeals to the Supreme Court, the determinations ordinarily made by the "Chief Judge" under rules 16.11 and 16.13 may be made by a commissioner.

[Originally effective July 1, 1976; amended effective April 16, 2002; September 1, 2014.]

References RCW 7.36, Habeas Corpus.