(a) Decision Whether To Transfer. A decision to transfer a petition to a superior court for a hearing or to retain the petition for determination by the appellate court is not subject to review by the Supreme Court. A superior court decision to transfer a motion to the Court of Appeals for consideration as a personal restraint petition pursuant to CrR 7.8 is not subject to direct review by the Supreme Court.

(b) Decision of Superior Court. A decision of a superior court in a personal restraint proceeding transferred to that court for a determination on the merits is subject to review in the same manner and under the same procedure as any other trial court decision.

(c) Other Decisions. If the petition is dismissed by the Chief Judge or decided by the Court of Appeals on the merits, the decision is subject to review by the Supreme Court only by a motion for discretionary review on the terms and in the manner provided in rule 13.5A.

[Adopted effective July 1, 1976; amended effective September 1, 2006; September 1, 2014.]