If a case on review is returned to the trial court for further proceedings and the case involves a claim for a money judgment for the party on whose behalf public funds have been expended, the Clerk of the Supreme Court will indicate the amount of public funds expended on behalf of the party in the mandate or in a supplemental judgment. The amount indicated in the mandate and supplemental judgment is a lien on any settlement or judgment obtained by the party on whose behalf public funds have been expended. This lien must be satisfied prior to the payment of any other amounts to the party. If a judgment is entered, the judgment should reflect the lien imposed by this rule. The amount of the lien must be paid to the clerk of the superior court. The clerk of the superior court shall forward all funds recovered to the director of the Office of Public Defense, who will credit these funds to the Indigent Appeal Allotment.


Rule 14.3, Expenses Allowed as Costs, (c) Special rule for indigent review.

Amended June 6, 1996