(a) Generally. Only statutory attorney fees and the reasonable expenses actually incurred by a party for the following items which were reasonably necessary for review may be awarded to a party as costs: (1) preparation of the original and one copy of the report of proceedings, (2) copies of the clerk's papers, (3) preparation of a brief or other original document to be reproduced by the clerk, as provided in rule 14.3(b), (4) transmittal of the record on review, (5) expenses incurred in superseding the decision of the trial court, but not ordinarily greater than the usual cost of a commercial surety bond, (6) the lesser of the charges of the clerk for reproduction of briefs, petitions, and motions, or the costs incurred by the party reproducing briefs as authorized under rule 10.5(a), (7) the filing fee, and (8) such other sums as provided by statute. If a party has incurred an expense for one of the designated items, the item is presumed to have been reasonably necessary for review, which presumption is rebuttable. The amount paid by a party for the designated item is presumed reasonable, which presumption is rebuttable.

(b) Special Rule for Cost of Preparing Brief or Other Original Document. The costs awarded for preparing a brief or other original document is an amount per page fixed from time to time by the Supreme Court. The cost for preparing a brief or other original document will only be awarded for a brief or document which substantially complies with these rules and only for the actual number of pages of the brief or document including the front cover and appendix. If a brief or document is unreasonably long, costs will be awarded only for a reasonable number of pages.

(c) Special Rule for Indigent Review. An Indigent may not recover costs from the State for expenses paid with public funds as provided in Title 15. The clerk or commissioner will claim costs due from other parties which reimburse the State for expenses paid with public finds as provided in Title 15.

[Amended effective July 1, 1976; July 2, 1976; September 1, 1985; September 1, 1994; September 1, 2010 (references only)]


Rule 18.1, Attorney Fees and Expenses; RCW 4.84.080(2), Schedule of Attorneys' Fees