(a) When Allowed. The appellate court determines costs in all cases after the filing of a decision terminating review, except as provided in rule 18.2 relating to voluntary withdrawal of review.

(b) Which Court Determines and Awards Costs. Costs on review are determined and awarded by the appellate court which accepts review and makes the final determination of the case.

(c) Who Determines and Awards Costs. If the court determines costs in its opinion or order, a commissioner or clerk will award costs in accordance with that determination. In all other circumstances, a commissioner or clerk determines and awards costs by ruling as provided in rule 14.6(a). A party may object to the ruling of a commissioner or clerk as provided in rule 14.6(b).

(d) Who Is Entitled to Costs. Rule 14.2 defines who is entitled to costs.

(e) What Expenses Are Allowed as Costs. Rule 14.3 defines the expenses which may be allowed as costs.

(f) How Costs Are Claimed--Objections. A party claims costs by filing a cost bill in the manner provided in rule 14.4. A party objects to claimed costs in the manner provided in rule 14.5.


Rule 18.1, Attorney Fees and Expenses.