The appellate court may reverse, affirm, or modify the decision being reviewed and take any other action as the merits of the case and the interest of justice may require. Upon issuance of the mandate of the appellate court as provided in rule 12.5, the action taken or decision made by the appellate court is effective and binding on the parties to the review and governs all subsequent proceedings in the action in any court, unless otherwise directed upon recall of the mandate as provided in rule 12.9, and except as provided in rule 2.5(c)(2). After the mandate has issued, the trial court may, however, hear and decide postjudgment motions otherwise authorized by statute or court rule so long as those motions do not challenge issues already decided by the appellate court.


Rule 2.5, Circumstances Which May Affect Scope of Review, (c) Law of the case doctrine restricted; Rule 8.6, Termination of Supersedeas, Injunctions, and Other Orders; Rule 18.1, Attorney Fees and Expenses, (e) Fees and expenses determined after remand.