(a) Filing Corresponding Briefs on Compact Disc. The submission of briefs and appendices on compact disc read-only memory (CD-ROM), referred to in this rule as corresponding briefs, filed as companions to printed briefs is allowed and encouraged, provided that the Supreme Court and each Division of the Court of Appeals may by general order vary any of the conditions of this Rule, and may prohibit the filing of corresponding briefs.

(b) Conditions of filing. A party may file corresponding briefs upon 14 days notice to all other parties and the court, subject to the following requirements:

(1) Content. A CD-ROM with corresponding briefs must contain all appellate briefs filed by all parties. Corresponding briefs must be identical in content to the paper briefs. Corresponding briefs may provide hypertext links to the report of proceedings and clerks papers and to materials cited in the briefs such as cases, statutes, treatises, law review articles, and similar authorities. If any briefs are hyperlinked, all briefs must be similarly hyperlinked by the submitting party. All materials to which a hyperlink is provided must be included on the disc.

(2) Format. Corresponding briefs must come fully equipped with their own viewing program; or, if the disk does not contain its own viewing program, the briefs must be viewable within a version of a program such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word Viewer, or WordPerfect that is downloadable from the Internet at no cost to the user.

(3) Statement Concerning Instructions and Viruses. Corresponding briefs must be accompanied by a statement, preferably within or attached to the packaging, that

(A) sets forth the instructions for viewing the briefs and the minimum equipment required for viewing; and

(B) verifies the absence of computer viruses and lists the software used to ensure that the briefs are virus-free.

(c) Joint Submission. Upon receiving notice of intent to file corresponding briefs, within 14 days any other party may file notice of intent to join in the submission. When one or more parties join in the submission, the parties shall cooperate in preparing a joint submission. Absent agreement to the contrary, each party shall arrange for preparation of its own briefs for the joint submission and the party first giving notice shall create the CD-ROM.

(d) Non-Joint Submission. No party is required to prepare a corresponding brief. A party shall cooperate in good faith in the preparation of corresponding briefs by expeditiously providing the submitting party with the party's brief or briefs in electronic format, if available.

(e) Time of Filing. Corresponding briefs must be filed no later than 60 days after the final reply brief. This rule does not affect deadlines for paper briefs. Additional time may be granted for completion of the corresponding briefs.

(f) Costs. The costs incurred in preparing and filing corresponding briefs are not recoverable costs under Title 14 or as attorney fees under Title 18 of these Rules.

[December 5, 2002]