(a) Reproduction of Brief. The appellate court clerk will arrange for the economical reproduction of each brief and bill the party or amicus filing the brief for the cost of reproduction. Each brief will be reproduced in the number of copies deemed necessary by the commissioner or clerk. The party or amicus must pay the cost of reproduction of the brief within 10 days after receiving the bill from the clerk. The appellate court commissioner or clerk may permit, under appropriate standards, a governmental party to reproduce and directly supply to the commissioner or clerk the number of copies required by the court in lieu of reproduction of the briefs being made by the court.

(b) Distribution of Brief. A party filing a brief must serve it in accordance with rules 10.2(h) and 18.5(a). The state law librarian shall determine how many copies of briefs from the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals are to be transmitted to the State Law Library. The briefs will be transmitted by the clerks and provided at no cost to the State Law Library.

(c) Notice to Appellant in Criminal Case when Defendant is Appellant. In a criminal case, the clerk will, at the time of filing of defendant/appellant's brief, advise the defendant/appellant of the provisions of rule 10.10.

[Amended December 5, 2002; September 1, 2006.]