(a) Scope of Title. The rules in this title apply only to the briefs referred to in this rule, unless a particular rule indicates a different application is intended.

(b) Briefs Which May Be Filed in Any Review. The following briefs may be filed in any review: (1) a brief of appellant or petitioner, (2) a brief of respondent, and (3) a reply brief of appellant or petitioner.

(c) Reply Brief of Respondent. If the respondent is also seeking review, the respondent may file a brief in reply to the response the appellant or petitioner has made to the issues presented by respondent's review.

(d) [Reserved; see rule 10.10]

(e) Amicus Curiae Brief. An amicus curiae brief may be filed only if permission is obtained as provided in rule 10.6. If an amicus curiae brief is filed, a brief in answer to the brief of amicus curiae may be filed by a party.

(f) Briefs in Cases Involving Cross Review. If a cross review is filed, the party first filing a notice of appeal or notice of discretionary review is deemed the appellant or petitioner for the purpose of this title, unless the parties otherwise agree or the appellate court otherwise orders.

The following briefs may be filed in cases involving cross review: (1) brief of appellant, (2) brief of respondent/cross appellant, (3) reply brief of appellant/cross respondent, and (4) reply brief of cross appellant.

(g) Briefs in Consolidated Cases and in Cases Involving Multiple Parties. In cases consolidated for the purpose of review and in a case with more than one party to a side, a party may (1) join with one or more other parties in a single brief, or (2) file a separate brief and adopt by reference any part of the brief of another.

(h) Other Briefs. The appellate court may in a particular case, on its own motion or on motion of a party, authorize or direct the filing of briefs on the merits other than those listed in this rule.


Rule 13.7, Proceedings (in Supreme Court) After Acceptance of Review (of Court of Appeals decision), (a) Procedure; Rule 16.10, Personal Restraint Petition--Briefs.

[Amended December 5, 2002]