(a) Content of Notice of Appeal Generally. A notice of appeal should (1) be titled "Notice of Appeal", (2) identify the party or parties appealing, (3) designate each decision which the party wants reviewed, (4) name the court to which the appeal is taken, (5) provide the identifying material required by section (b), (6) state whether the case appealed is criminal (include charge description), civil, or an infraction, and (7) name the court and cause number from which the appeal is taken.

(b) Identification of Parties, Lawyers, and Address of Defendant in Criminal Case. The first party to file a notice of appeal should include on the notice the name and address of the lawyer for each of the parties represented by a lawyer and the address of parties who are not represented by counsel. If a defendant in a criminal case appeals, the notice of appeal shall include the defendant's address. The defendant in a criminal case must file a statement in the superior court and the court of limited jurisdiction indicating any changes in the defendant's address during the appeal.

(c) (Reserved.)

(d) (Reserved.)

(e) Multiple Parties Filing Notice of Appeal. More than one party may join in a single notice of appeal.

(f) Defects in Form of Notice of Appeal. The superior court will disregard defects in the form of a notice of appeal if the notice clearly reflects an intent by a party to seek review.

(g) Notice by Fewer Than All Parties on a Side--Joinder. If there are multiple parties on a side of a case and fewer than all of the parties on that side of the case timely file a notice of appeal, the superior court will grant relief only (1) to a party who has timely filed a notice, (2) to a party who has been joined as provided in this section, or (3) to a party if demanded by the necessities of the case. The superior court will permit joinder on appeal of a party who did not file a notice of appeal only if the party's rights or duties are derived through the rights or duties of the party who timely filed notice or if the party's rights or duties are dependent upon the superior court determination of the rights or duties of a party who timely filed a notice.