(a) Typing or Printing Brief. All briefs shall conform to the requirements of GR 14. In addition, the text of any brief typed or printed in a proportionally spaced typeface must appear in print as 12 point or larger type with no more than 10 characters per inch and double-spaced. The same typeface and print size should be standard throughout the brief, except that footnotes may appear in print as 10 point or larger type and be the equivalent of single-spaced. Quotations may be the equivalent of single-spaced. Except for materials in an appendix, the typewritten or printed material in the brief may not be reduced or condensed by photographic or other means.

(b) Length of Brief. The briefs of appellant and respondent filed pursuant to RALJ 7.2(a) and (b) shall not exceed 18 pages. Reply briefs filed pursuant to RALJ 7.2(c) shall not exceed 6 pages. For the purpose of determining compliance with this rule, appendices are not included. For good cause, the court may grant a motion to file an over-length brief.

(c) Unpublished Opinions. [Reserved. See GR 14.1.]

[Adopted effective September 1, 2005; September 1, 2007.]