(a) Generally. If applicable law grants to a party the right to recover reasonable lawyer's fees or expenses, the party should request the fees or expenses as provided in this rule.

(b) Statutes Control. If a statute gives a party the right to recover lawyer's fees or expenses under certain circumstances for services in a court of limited jurisdiction, a party is entitled to fees and expenses under similar circumstances for services on an appeal to the superior court.

(c) Argument in Brief. The party should devote a section of the brief to the request for the fees or expenses.

(d) Affidavit. At or before oral argument, the party should serve and file an affidavit in the superior court detailing the expenses incurred and the services performed by counsel.

(e) Oral Argument. A party should include in oral argument a request for the fee or expenses and a reference to the affidavit on file.