(a) Generally. An infraction case is initiated by the issuance, service, and filing of a notice of infraction in accordance with this rule. An infraction is issued on the date the infraction is signed by the citing officer or prosecuting authority.

(b) Who May Issue. A notice of infraction may be issued, upon certification that the issuer has probable cause to believe, and does believe, that a person has committed an infraction contrary to law:

(1) By a citing officer. The infraction need not have been committed in the officers presence, except as provided by statute;

(2) By the prosecuting authority.

(c) Service of Notice. A notice of infraction may be served either by:

(1) The citing officer serving the notice of infraction on the person named in the notice of infraction at the time of issuance;

(2) The citing officer affixing to a vehicle in a conspicuous place the notice of a traffic infraction if it alleges the violation of a parking, standing, or stopping statute; or

(3) The citing officer or the prosecuting authority filing the notice of infraction with the court, in which case the court shall have the notice served either personally or by mail, postage prepaid, on the person named in the notice of infraction at his or her address. If a notice of infraction served by mail is returned to the court as undeliverable, the court shall issue a summons.

(d) Filing of Notice. When a notice of infraction has been issued, the notice shall be filed with a court having jurisdiction over the infraction or with a violations bureau subject to such courts supervision. The notice must be filed within five days of issuance of the notice, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. In the absence of good cause shown, a notice of infraction not filed within the time limits of this section shall, upon motion, be dismissed with prejudice.

[Adopted as JTIR effective January 1, 1981; amended effective September 1, 1989. Changed from JTIR to IRLJ effective September 1, 1992; amended effective September 1, 1997; September 1, 1999; amended effective January 3, 2006.]