(a) Appointment.

A juvenile who is financially unable to obtain investigative, expert, or other services necessary to an adequate defense may request that these services be provided at public expense by a motion. Upon finding that the services are necessary and that the juvenile is financially unable to obtain them without substantial hardship to himself or herself or the juvenile's family, the court shall authorize counsel to obtain the services on the behalf of the juvenile. The ability to pay part of the cost of the services shall not preclude the provision of those services by the court. A juvenile shall not be deprived of necessary services because a parent, guardian, or custodian refuses to pay for those services. The court, in the interest of justice and on a finding that timely procurement of necessary services could not await prior authorization, may ratify services after they have been obtained.

(b) Compensation.

The court shall determine reasonable compensation for the services and direct payment to the organization or person who rendered them on the filing of a claim for compensation supported by affidavits specifying the time expended and the services, and expenses incurred on behalf of the juvenile, and the compensation received in the same case or for the same services from the juvenile or any other source.