(a) Time and Procedure for Arraignment.

A juvenile who is detained or subject to conditions of release must be arraigned within 14 days after the information or indictment is filed. The procedure for the arraignment of an alleged juvenile offender is governed by CrR 4.1.

(b) Plea.

The taking of a plea of an alleged juvenile offender is governed by CrR 4.2.

(c) Advice of Standard Sentence.

Before entering a plea, the juvenile should be advised of the standard sentence for the offense charged, and should be advised of the criminal history upon which the standard sentence is based.

(d) Effect of Motion To Decline Jurisdiction.

If a decline hearing is requested or required, then the juvenile court has no jurisdiction to accept a plea until a decline hearing is held and an order is entered retaining jurisdiction in the juvenile court. The time limit for the adjudicatory hearing under rule 7.8 does not begin to run until the day after the entry of the order retaining jurisdiction.

(e) Determination of Capacity.

When a determination of capacity is required pursuant to RCW 9A.04.050, a hearing to determine the juvenile's capacity shall be held within 14 days from the juvenile's first court appearance, separate from and prior to arraignment. Notice of the hearing to determine capacity and its purpose shall be given in accordance with rule 11.2. The revision provides clarification with regard to applicability and addresses implementation problems caused by linking the time for the capacity hearing to the filing of the information.