(a) Notice.

The notice required by RCW 13.40.050(2) for a detention hearing shall be given in accordance with rule 11.2.

(b) Procedure at Hearing.

The detention hearing shall be held in accordance with RCW 13.40.050(3) and (4). All parties shall have an opportunity to present evidence and to be heard on the issue of continued detention.

(c) Determination by Court Generally.

At the hearing the court shall determine whether continued detention is necessary under RCW 13.40.040.

(d) Determination That Detention Necessary.

If the court finds that continued detention is necessary, the court shall state on the record the specific statutory provision and the facts on which the court based its order for continued detention. The juvenile may nevertheless be released upon posting of a bond and the imposition of conditions upon such release pursuant to RCW 13.40.040(4).

(e) Determination That Detention Not Necessary.

If the court at the detention hearing determines that continued detention is not necessary, the juvenile shall be ordered released on personal recognizance. The court may impose conditions on the release pursuant to RCW 13.40.050(6).