(a) Burden of Proof.

The court shall hold an adjudicatory hearing on the allegations in the information. The prosecution must prove the allegations in the information beyond a reasonable doubt.

(b) Evidence.

The Rules of Evidence shall apply to the hearing, except to the extent modified by RCW 13.40.140(7) and (8). All parties to the hearing shall have the rights enumerated in RCW 13.40.140(7).

(c) Decision on the Record.

The juvenile shall be found guilty or not guilty. The court shall state its findings of fact and enter its decision on the record. The findings shall include the evidence relied upon by the court in reaching its decision.

(d) Written Findings and Conclusions on Appeal.

The court shall enter written findings and conclusions in a case that is appealed. The findings shall state the ultimate facts as to each element of the crime and the evidence upon which the court relied in reaching its decision. The findings and conclusions may be entered after the notice of appeal is filed. The prosecution must submit such findings and conclusions within 21 days after receiving the juvenile's notice of appeal.