The notice required by RCW 13.32A.160 shall be given in accordance with rule 11.2. The notice shall also include the following:

(1) Right to Lawyer. A statement advising the parents of their right to be represented by a lawyer at the hearing and, if the parents are indigent, that one will be appointed for them in accordance with rule 9.2;

(2) Consequences of Petition Approval. A statement advising the parties that if the court approves the petition, the child will be placed in a residence outside the parental home as determined by the court or by the Department of Social and Health Services, and that the parents will not be relieved of financial responsibility for the child unless the parents oppose placement and continuously seek reconciliation with and return of the child;

(3) Consequences of Petition Disapproval. A statement advising the parties that if the court disapproves the petition, the court will order the child to remain at or return to the home of his or her parent;

(4) Right To Present Evidence. A statement advising the parties that they will be allowed to present evidence at the hearing on the petition.