A dependency petition shall contain:

(a) Identification of the Juvenile. The name, age, sex, and residence of the juvenile so far as known to the petitioner.

(b) Identification of Parent, Guardian, or Custodian. The name, marital status, and residence of the parent, guardian, or custodian, or person with whom the juvenile is residing, so far as known to the petitioner. If not known, the petition shall so state.

(c) Indian Children. If the petitioner knows or has reason to know that the juvenile is an Indian child as defined by the federal Indian Child Welfare Act, the petition shall so state and shall name the tribe, if known, to which the juvenile belongs.

(d) Jurisdictional Statement. A statement of the statutory provisions which give the court jurisdiction over the proceeding.

(e) Statement of Facts. A statement of the facts which give the court jurisdiction over the juvenile and over the subject matter of the proceedings, stated in plain language and with reasonable definiteness and particularity.

(f) Request for Inquiry. A request that the court inquire into the matter and enter an order that the court shall find to be in the best interests of the juvenile and justice.

(g) Other. Any other information required by court rule or statute.