(a) Inform Parties of Rights.

The court shall inform the parties of their rights as set forth in RCW 13.34.090 and in Titles 2, 3, and 9 of these rules. The court may continue the hearing if the parties have been unable to retain a lawyer or have been unable to have a lawyer appointed for them.

(b) Hearing and Decision.

The court shall hold the hearing on the question of shelter care in accordance with RCW 13.34.060 and RCW 13.34.090. The court shall make its decision in accordance with RCW 13.34.060.

(c) Release of Juvenile on Conditions.

The court may release the juvenile on those conditions it deems appropriate. As provided in RCW 13.34.060, the conditions may be modified upon notice to the parties given in accordance with rule 11.2 and after a hearing. Statutory references are broadened to streamline the need for updating.