(a) Use of Restraints on Juvenile Respondents.

Juveniles shall not be brought before the court wearing any physical restraint devices except when ordered by the court during or prior to the hearing. Instruments of restraint, such as handcuffs, ankle chains, waist chains, strait jackets, electric-shock producing devices, gags, spit masks and all other devices which restrain an individual's freedom of movement shall not be used on a respondent during a court proceeding and must be removed prior to the respondent's appearance before the court unless the court finds both that:

(1) The use of restraints is necessary due to one of the following factors:

(A) Present behavior of the respondent represents a current threat to his or her own safety, or the safety of other people in the courtroom;

(B) Recent disruptive courtroom behavior of the respondent has placed others in potentially harmful situations or presents a substantial risk of inflicting physical harm to himself or herself or others; or

(C) Present behavior of the respondent presents a substantial risk of flight from the courtroom; and

(2) There are no less restrictive alternatives to restraints that will prevent flight or physical harm to the respondent or another person, including, but not limited to, the presence of court personnel, law enforcement officers, or bailiffs.

(b) Challenge to the use of restraints.

Before or after any juvenile is ordered restrained, the court shall permit any party to be heard on the issue of whether the use of physical restraints is necessary in a particular situation or as to a particular child.