(a) Scope of Rule.

This rule applies only to proceedings which are not subject to appellate review under the Rules for Appeal of Decisions of Courts of Limited Jurisdiction. The proceedings to which those rules apply are defined by RALJ 1.1.

(b) Stay of Sentence.

All sentences shall be stayed if an appeal is taken and the defendant posts cash bail or a bond to the state which shall be deposited with the clerk of the court of limited jurisdiction, in such reasonable sum with sureties as the lower court judge may require, upon the following conditions: that the defendant will diligently prosecute the appeal, and will appear at the court appealed to and comply with any sentence of the superior court, and will, if the appeal is dismissed for any reason, comply with the sentence of the lower court.

(c) Imposition of Sentence.

If the appellant fails to provide security, sentence imposed shall be executed.