(a) Trial Without Jury.

In a case tried without a jury, the court shall state separately findings of fact and conclusions of law.

(b) Stipulation or Submittal.

A defendant, with the approval of the prosecuting authority, may submit his or her case upon the police report and other materials by stipulating to the admissibility thereof in lieu of testimony. A written statement of the defendant in substantially the form set forth below may be filed:

STATE OF WASHINGTON COUNTY OF______________, ) Case No. ______ THE STATE OF WASHINGTON, ) CITY OR TOWN OF________, ) Plaintiff, ) STATEMENT OF DEFENDANT v. ) ON SUBMITTAL OR _______________, ) STIPULATION OF FACTS Defendant. ) I am the defendant in this case. I wish to submit the case on the record. I understand that this means that the judge will read the police report and other materials and, based upon that evidence, the judge will decide if I am guilty of the crime(s) of ___________________________. I understand that, by this process, I am giving up the constitutional right to a jury trial, the right to hear and question witnesses, the right to call witnesses in my own behalf, and the right to testify or not to testify. I understand that the maximum sentence for the crime(s) is ______________________________________________________________________ and that the judge can impose any sentence up to the maximum, no matter what the prosecution or the defense recommends. No one has made any threats or promises to get me to submit this case other than the prosecuting authority's promise to take the following action and/or make the following recommendations: ______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________. Dated this _______ day of ____________________, 19____. _________________________________ Defendant ________________________________ _________________________________ For the Prosecuting Authority Lawyer for Defendant