(a) Where Commenced Under Municipal Ordinance.

All actions alleging a violation of a municipal ordinance shall be commenced in the municipal court, in the municipal department of the district court where the municipality is located, or in a district court pursuant to an interlocal government agreement.

(b) Where Commenced Under Other Laws.

(1) All other actions shall be commenced in the district where the alleged offense was committed, or in any district wherein an element of the alleged offense was committed or occurred. (2) The action may also be brought: (i) in the district in which the county seat is located, if (a) the alleged offense is a felony, or (b) if the defendant consents; or (ii) in an adjacent district in the same county, if the alleged offense relates to driving, or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle and occurred within an enhanced enforcement district under RCW 2.56.110 or any law amendatory thereof; or (iii) in a district where a custodial facility is located, if the defendant is incarcerated therein and transporting the defendant is not practical.

(c) Two or More Districts.

Where there is reasonable doubt whether an alleged offense has been committed in one of two or more districts, the action may be commenced in any such district.

(d) Right To Change.

When a case is filed pursuant to section (c) of this rule, the defendant shall have the right to change venue to any other district in which the offense may have been committed.

(e) Objection.

Any objection to venue must be made as soon after the initial pleading is filed as the defendant has knowledge upon which to make it.